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Sales Squared Outsourcing


The Sales Squared outsourcing services can help you grow revenue, control costs, and expand into new products and markets quickly and easily, while maintaining high standards of brand representation. Read more

Task Force

In Sales Squared know that the success of the sales activity increases in direct relation to the professional sales representativesa�� experience, the level of service provided as well as effective control mechanisms to maximise sales. Read more

Consulting sales Sales Squared


Whether you need sales recruiting, market analytics, compensation modeling, sales strategy, or a more productive sales team, Sales Squared can help! Wea��ll build a solution custom-tailored to your objectives. Read more

Recruitment Sales Squared


Sales Squered thinks that recruitment of talented employees is an essential part of any companys ability to maintain success and ensure the achievement of standards within an organization. Read more

Services Sales Squared
Training Sales Squred


Training is your quickest route to success with Sales Squared. Read more

Outsourced SalesA�

Outsourcing your sales to Sales Squared gives you growth, control, and scalability, and leaves you free to focus on core business objectives.


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Sales SquaredA�Headquarters

  • Miami, FL

Sales SquaredA�US Offices

  • Southeast a�� Miami, FL

International Offices

  • South Americaa�� Bogota DC, Colombia
  • Centro America – Monterrey, Mexico
  • Europe a�� Madrid, Spain
  • South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Africa – Johannesburgo, Sudafrica
  • Asia – Shangai, China
  • Centro America – Panama City, Panama
  • South AmericaA�- Montevideo, Uruguay