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If youa��re wary of pulling your sales team off of current campaigns to support a new launch, deploy your products in new area or simply having a hard time working up the momentum to expand into a new product offering or market, you could benefit from Sales Squareda��s extensive sales experience and nationwide coverage. Our recruitment, HR procedures, and sales training are streamlined and optimized, giving you the benefit of relying on our expertise and processes so you dona��t have to reinvent the wheel in your organization. We can pilot a new sales program in just 45 days, and launch additional markets in under 30 days. When a campaign requires extreme time sensitivity, Sales Squared can even parachute reps from existing markets into new markets to decrease ramp time, while maintaining full headcount at both the old and new locations. In a situation where first mover advantage is crucial, we can help you enter each new market ahead of the competition and remain consistently competitive once you get there.


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Sales SquaredA�Headquarters

  • Miami, FL

Sales SquaredA�US Offices

  • Southeast a�� Miami, FL

International Offices

  • South Americaa�� Bogota DC, Colombia
  • Centro America – Monterrey, Mexico
  • Europe a�� Madrid, Spain
  • South America – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Africa – Johannesburgo, Sudafrica
  • Asia – Shangai, China
  • Centro America – Panama City, Panama
  • South AmericaA�- Montevideo, Uruguay

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